Your Guide to Mastering These 5 Poses on Your Wedding Day 

These 5 poses are guaranteed to make you look your best in front of the camera, every time.

-Over The Shoulder

We all have our preferred angle for selfies, you know what I mean. I encourage you to turn your back, relax the shoulder closest to your preferred angle, and let the train of your dress steal the spotlight. With the sun accentuating your silhouette, you'll be adorned with a beautiful halo effect. I'll do the framing and voila!

-The Secret

I urge my couples to share a moment of vulnerability by whispering embarrassing stories to each other. This intimate exchange fosters a romantic closeness that translates beautifully into the photographs. It often prompts shy smiles and subtle gestures, a coyness I love to capture. This pose is one of my favorites because it authentically conveys intimacy in its purest form.

-The Cufflinks

Let's not forget about the gentlemen—they deserve their moment in the spotlight too! A subtle grasp of the sleeve where the cufflinks are housed adds a touch of sophistication, giving the guys that GQ look that won't go unnoticed. Pair it with a confident stance and a subtle smile for the perfect finishing touch to the pose.

-Candid Laughs

While I enjoy capturing posed photos, I also place great emphasis on candid moments. I believe in capturing the genuine love between my couples, and sometimes, it's beneficial for me to take a step back and let you simply enjoy each other's company. I encourage you to walk towards or away from me, prompting movement, dynamism, and moments of looking away. This approach allows for natural and effortless captures that truly reflect the essence of your relationship.

-The Triangles;

Notice the "triangles" formed by her arms. They highlight the contours of her body, creating a visual illusion of curvature and providing an engaging alternative to the typical arm-on-waist pose we learn as 5 year olds. By framing these triangles around your waist, not only do you enhance the aesthetic appeal, but you also offer a natural placement for your hands, adding an effortless elegance to the pose.

I trust you'll find these posing tips helpful and remember incorporating movement, embracing secrets, and avoiding over-practicing will contribute significantly to your wedding day experience behind the lens.